U.S. Census: FL makes gains in income and lowers poverty rate but still lags the nation

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Household income is trending up and the percent of Floridians living in poverty is trending down in a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau.

But Florida still lags the nation when it comes to income and poverty rates, according to the U.S. Census American Community Survey.

Florida households had a median income of $55,462 in 2018, up from $53,945 in 2017, the data shows.

But Florida’s household income is less than the national median household income of $61,937.

Some 13.6 percent of Floridians were living at or below the federal poverty level in 2018, a decrease from the 14 percent poverty rate in 2017. The federal poverty level was $20,780 a year for a family of three in 2018.

But a higher percentage of Floridians were living in poverty compared to the nation. The national figure was a 13.1 percent poverty rate in 2018, the data shows.

Nearly one out of every five Florida children — 19.7 percent – were living in poverty in 2018, the data shows. And about one in ten seniors — 10.6 percent — also fell into that category.

Lloyd Dunkelberger
Lloyd Dunkelberger has been covering Florida government for over three decades. He’s reported and edited in Tallahassee for the New York Times Regional Newspapers group, Florida Politics, and the News Service of Florida. He grew up in Jacksonville and Palm Beach County and got his journalism degree at the University of Florida.


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