Running for office cost Gov. DeSantis some bucks, his latest financial disclosure shows

Gov. Ron DeSantis announces appointment of Fleur Lobree and Monica Gordo to the 3rd District Court of Appeal. Credit: Governor's office

Ron DeSantis’ pocketbook took a hit in his transition from a member of Congress to becoming governor of Florida.

A new financial report filed with the Florida Ethics Commission shows the Republican governor’s net worth dipped 8.8 percent between 2017 and 2018. It reflects a decline in his net worth from $310,971 at the end of 2017 to $283,605 at the end of 2018, the reports show.

Overall, the governor’s finances didn’t change much in the two-year period. His major asset remains a $450,000 home in Ponte Vedra Beach, a beachfront community south of Jacksonville. His major liability is $263,100 with J. G. Wentworth, a mortgage company.

The forms reflect DeSantis’ sale of a $275,000 condominium in Flagler County in 2018, with a related $205,000 mortgage reported on his 2017 disclosure.

A graduate of the Harvard Law School and Yale University, DeSantis is still paying off his student loans. His 2018 disclosure shows a $33,500 Sallie Mae liability.

DeSantis’ income went through a transition as he successfully ran for governor last year. In 2017, as a fulltime member of Congress, DeSantis earned $174,000. But after winning the Republican nomination for governor in August of 2018, DeSantis left Congress to concentrate on his campaign. And his congressional income dipped to $116,000.

DeSantis took office as Florida’s governor in January. He earns $130,273 a year.

In contrast to politicians in the Florida Legislature, DeSantis isn’t super rich.

The average net worth of lawmakers in the Senate is $5.48 million, and the average net worth in the House is $1.55 million, according to an analysis done by the Florida Phoenix at the start of the spring legislative session.



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