Proposed Senate resolution would stand up for ‘liberty’ and against ‘socialism’

Manny Diaz, Jr.
Miami-Dade Republican Sen. Manny Diaz Jr. proposes the Senate denounce socialism. Screenshot: Florida Channel

The Florida Senate will have a chance to vote next year to denounce “democratic socialism” in favor of “the true American values of individual liberty and democracy.”

Hialeah Republican Manny Diaz Jr. has filed a resolution to that effect for debate during the regular session of the Legislature that opens in March.

It’s a line of political attack that struck chords among South Florida immigrant communities from Cuba and Venezuela and helped the Republican Party deliver the state for Donald Trump, add legislative seats, and kick U.S. Reps. Donna Shalala and Debby Mucarsel-Powell out of office.

Diaz’s proposal (SR 150) praises “constitutional democracy,” freedom from “unreasonable taxation, and the “the freedom of a citizen to engage in, and benefit from, the labor of his or her own hands.”

Diaz wasn’t immediately available for comment, but he has positioned himself as a defender of free-market principles. His Twitter self-description couches him as an advocate of “Freedom/Liberty/Opportunity.” On his campaign webpage, he argues, “We must prohibit Florida from doing business with companies involved with Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro.”

The resolution defines democratic socialism as a “political and economic theory of social organization which advocates the ownership or regulation of production, distribution, and exchange by the community as a whole.”

“Whereas, in many nations that have relied upon democratic socialism to improve the lives of their citizens, the result has been economic and social chaos, an extraordinarily low standard of living for the vast majority, and the lack of individual freedoms for all,” the resolution reads.

“Now, therefore, be It resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida: That democratic socialism is renounced in favor of the true American values of individual liberty and democracy.”

Michael Moline
Michael Moline has covered politics and the legal system for more than 30 years. He is a former managing editor of the San Francisco Daily Journal and former assistant managing editor of The National Law Journal. He began his career covering the Florida Capitol for United Press International. More recently, he wrote for Florida Politics.