Physician burnout in the Sunshine State

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Physicians in the U.S. – including in Florida – say they’re facing career burnout at worse rates than before and 78 percent of the physicians surveyed nationwide say they are dissatisfied with their career in some way.

This isn’t good for healthcare, or for the nearly one billion people who go to medical providers each year.

According to a recent survey of American physicians commissioned by the nonprofit organization The Physicians Foundation, many said they would choose another career if given the chance to start over.

The report also showed that physicians face even higher rates of suicide, nearly twice that of the general population.

Physicians are pessimistic about the future of American medicine. There are a lot of factors outside of their control – managing complex health insurance systems and a nationwide shortage of medical providers, to name two.  Physicians face myriad challenges when it comes to dealing with problems patients have outside the exam room, such as poverty, unemployment, and drug abuse.

In 2016, nearly 20,000 more Americans died from drug overdoses than from breast cancer, according to data included in the report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The nationwide physician shortage is only expected to escalate, the report says, and most physicians said that they are currently either at full capacity with the number of people they can see or are overextended. If the rates of physicians leaving the practice continues, nearly 2 million people will be without a medical provider in the coming years.

CD Davidson-Hiers
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