Mason-Dixon poll gives Biden a narrow lead in FL over President Trump

Joe Biden. Credit: Joe Biden Facebook page.

Democrat Joe Biden has only a four-point lead over President Donald Trump in Florida, according to a Mason-Dixon poll released Thursday morning, though he enjoys a substantial lead among younger voters.

The overall preference among likely general election voters was 50 percent for Biden and 46 percent for Trump, with 4 percent undecided, suggesting that Florida will be a tough race.

The result differed markedly from a recent Quinnipiac poll that gave Biden a 13-point lead over Trump, 51 percent to 38 percent.

Voters aged 18 to 34 went 66-29 percent for Biden; those between 35 and 49 split 53-44 percent for the Democrat. Trump was ahead, 51-46 percent, among 50- to 64-year-olds and 52-43 percent among those aged 65 and up.

Trump leads in North Florida, 57-40 percent; Central Florida, 54-42 percent; and Southwest Florida, 56-41 percent.

Biden leads in Tampa Bay, 52-42 percent, and Southeast Florida, 65-31 percent.

Biden also leads among Democrats, 87-9 percent; independents, 52-43 percent; Blacks, 88-6 percent; and Hispanics, 56-39 percent.

Republicans went 87-10 percent for the president; men, 49-47 percent; and whites, 57-40 percent.

Among potential V.P. picks for Biden, 31 percent recognized the name and felt favorably toward Elizabeth Warren; 27 percent for Kamala Harris; 18 percent for Susan Rice; 14 percent for Tammy Duckworth; but only 11 percent for Val Demings, the congresswoman from Orlando.

For Warren, Harris, and Rice, their unfavorables outweighed their favorables, however.

Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy interviewed 625 randomly selected registered voters between July 20 and July 23 by telephone. The land-line and cell numbers were weighted to voter registrations by county and the margin for error was 4 percentage points.