Gov. DeSantis ends his ban on COVID-related evictions, foreclosures; cites CDC moratorium

Homeless woman. Credit: YouTube.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is allowing his COVID-19 moratorium on evictions and mortgage foreclosures proceedings to expire, his office announced late Wednesday.

He cited a similar moratorium imposed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in early September, although housing activists worried it was subject to legal challenge.

A short statement issued by the governor’s press office said he allowed the protections to expire effective Wednesday “to avoid any confusion over whether the CDC’s evictions order should apply in a particular circumstance.”

Throughout the health emergency, the governor had ordered a stop to evictions and foreclosures for tenants and homeowners who could convince courts they were delinquent in their payments because of wage loss, job loss, or household illness directly due to COVID.

The CDC moratorium, set to last through the end of the year, also covers people suffering income loss because of COVID. They must have tried their best efforts to make partial payments; sought government assistance; or faced homelessness or unsafe shared housing if not for the protection. Additionally, there are income limits.