Gov. DeSantis signs law allowing expansion of questionable health insurance policies

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A new law Gov. Ron DeSantis signed this week will likely expand the use of short-term, limited-coverage health insurance policies that may not cover pre-existing medical conditions.

The policies have been criticized because of the way some insurance companies aggressively market the coverage, with consumers often not fully understanding the limited plans.

As the Phoenix previously reported, the short-term policies have drawn controversy because the coverage is not as comprehensive as policies under the federal Affordable Health Care Act.

Sen. Wilton Simpson, the Pasco County Republican who sponsored the legislation, said it is designed to provide Floridians more affordable choices for their health-care coverage.

Besides not covering pre-existing conditions, the policies are likely to have a host of other loopholes, including limited or no coverage for mental-health services, prescription drugs or maternity care.

The new law does require insurance companies to offer at least one policy that covers pre-existing conditions if the federal health-care act is repealed or if the courts overturn it.


  1. Not a sound policy for people. Who doesn’t have pre-existing condition? Never should Gov Santis signed this into law. Moreover, sad to hear it was a Pasco County legislator that sponsored the bill. He should have thought about his own constituents.

  2. This is the kind of predatory health policies that Obama eliminated in Obama care how dare this Governor even consider these type of scam policies. HE DOESN”T CARE ABOUT YOU & YET YOU VOTED FOR HIM SHAME ON ALL OF YOU. In the future vote BLUE/DEMOCRAT the party that CARES about the people it serves.

  3. How backward, how tunnel focused! We need public insurance, we the people insurance! NOT more bogus vulture capitalist plans that offer shell with no content. These Florida GOP are surely controlled by lobbyists!

  4. The theory behind the original plans were to help folks who had no coverage to have something while they waited for open enrollment to come around. It was only to be a short term fix between overages with an employer. Unfortunately some folks are looking at the price and think they are getting a more traditional plan and are not looking at the details. I personally don’t like the plans however they are necessary for folks between jobs. On a side note a previous poster mentioned they were taken away by the Obama administration. These plans were available then but only for six months and could not be renewed.


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