Former Senate president takes a $400k gig with a private prison company

Joe Negron
Former senator Joe Negron. Credit:

Former Florida Senate President Joe Negron is being paid $400,000 a year by a private prison company that he helped while he was a legislative leader, POLITICO reported.

Negron, a Republican lawyer from Stuart, took the job with the GEO Group shortly after he stepped down as the state Senate leader in November. Based on filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, POLITICO said Negron has been given a two-year contract to work as the prison company’s general counsel. The contract can be renewed for additional two-year periods until Negron, who is 57, reaches the age of 67.

While Negron was in the Senate leadership, POLITICO reported GEO contributed $300,000 to Negron and affiliated political committees since 2013. The private prison company also gave $100,000 to the failed 2016 congressional bid of his wife, Rebecca.

The current state budget, which was approved while Negron was the Senate leader, includes a $4 million increase in funding for the companies that operate private prisons in Florida, POLITICO reported. GEO has five of the facilities.

In the prior budget year, Negron helped secure $2.9 million to expand GEO’s “continuum of care” program that is aimed rehabilitating offenders, POLITICO reported.

In a December report by POLITICO, former state Rep. David Richardson, a Miami-Dade County Democrat, said “all taxpayers should be appalled by the apparent conflicts of interests” in the arrangement between Negron and GEO.

“As Senate president, Mr. Negron made sure to take care of his friends at GEO, just as they took care to support his wife’s congressional run, related political committees and other initiatives,” Richardson told POLITICO. “It does not surprise me that the GEO leaders have now offered him a big job inside their private prison industrial complex.”




  1. This is a job that should not be. This man should not go from being the Legislative leader to working for a company that he just passed laws to benefit. Don’t we have laws to prevent such?

  2. I not only question Joe Negron going directly from government employment to a government contractor job.

    My concern extends to contracting out prisons, juvenile “reform”, and infrastructure to corporate control – especially firms with little if any stake in Florida. Once again corporations profit at taxpayers expense, the money doesn’t remain in Florida., and often the service is sub-standard.

    Not convinced? Recall how local education changed when most counties went to appointed school superintendents and schools became big business. With elected superintendents we had local engaged administrators voted into office, locals who cared more about their neighbor’s children than climbing a career ladder.

    Local may not be as efficient but a local cares about the community.

  3. Yes, local school officals are more likely to care about community. Big business only cares about using tax payer money for their bottom line. Meanwhile, schools recieve less money, private schools and big business recieves iur hard earned tax dollars, public schools downhill even more, we lose our best teachers because they can’t afird to stay, and more middle and low income kids end up in jail and detention centers, were tax payers pay more for less, and the middle and lower income can find fewer jobs because of their records…. more of KEEP THEM UNEDUCATED AND POOR, THEN FEED THEM PROPAGANDA THAT YOU’LL THE ONE THAT CAN SAVE THEM.


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