Former Broward school administrator indicted for felony bid tampering

Florida Supreme Court. Photo: Colin Hackley

A former top Broward school administrator has been indicted for bid tampering and unlawful compensation, part of a statewide grant jury probe into bidding irregularities.

The grand jury indicted Anthony Hunter on Jan. 7, over the purchase of thousands of Recordex interactive panels for Broward County schools. The interactive display boards are high tech and digital, and are used in classrooms in place of white boards that use markers.

At the time, Hunter was serving as the Chief Information Officer for the Broward County School District. He was arrested Jan. 12.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody said in a press release that Hunter “used his position as CIO” to purchase these interactive display boards outside of the Broward School Board’s standard bidding procedures and “steered business to a friend.”

Hunter purchased the Recordex interactive boards from David Allen, founder of Education Consultants, Inc., shortened to EDCO.

According to the press release, “Hunter arranged for more than $17 million worth of sales” through EDCO from 2015 through the start of 2019.

“Rather than allowing vendors to publicly bid on the job, Hunter intentionally bypassed the bidding process and steered the business to David Allen, a resident of Georgia,” the press release stated.

Hunter also leased a house from Allen for $150,000 below market value during the same time that Allen’s company was receiving millions from the purchase of the Recordex interactive boards.