FL’s Democratic Ag Commissioner Nikki Fried comes out swinging against Trump and GOP

Nikki Fried, Twitter screen shot

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried on Monday delivered a forceful message to President Donald Trump on the eve of his campaign rally in Orlando on Tuesday.

“Don’t grab us. Don’t take our rights. Don’t @ us with your vile politics. We’re pro-woman, equality, & workers,” Fried says in a tweet aimed at drawing the attention of Florida Democrats to Trump’s political event.

Fried, the only Democrat holding a statewide office in Florida, is urging Democrats to retweet her message as a way to “welcome” Trump to the state while reminding him “what we stand for – and against.”

The tweet includes a slickly produced video capturing Fried’s energetic remarks at a Florida Democratic Party conference held earlier this month in Orlando.

In it, Fried slams the Republican Party for losing its “moral compass” and for becoming the party of “Donald John Trump.” She voices her staunch support for reproductive rights, while accusing the GOP of becoming an “anti-woman” party.

“They want to take us back to a time long since passed. A time when women couldn’t vote. A time  when we couldn’t own property. A time when women were expected to sit down, shut up and stay at home, barefoot and pregnant,” Fried says. “They are not pro-life. They are anti-woman…..We must be absolutely clear that women’s rights are human rights. And that abortion rights are women’s rights.”



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