FDLE investigating attack on female inmate at Lowell Correctional

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The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating a disturbing  incident of abuse involving a corrections officer and an inmate at Lowell Correctional Institution in Marion County, the largest prison for women in the U.S.

The Florida Department of Corrections acknowledges that an incident at the facility took place this week, but otherwise is providing no details at all about what actually happened.

Quoting anonymous sources, the Miami Herald is reporting that the incident involved a 51-year-old woman who was “gravely injured” after getting involved with a confrontation with corrections officers. The story was first reported by the Ocala Star Banner.

The Herald reports that the woman “was slammed to the ground, then dragged to a wheelchair, with her head bouncing along the ground, before ending up hospitalized.”

The Department of Corrections says that involved inmate is “receiving appropriate care and treatment,” adding in a statement that “full details of this incident are unclear at this time.”

“We recognize that preliminary reports from this incident are concerning,” Department of Corrections Secretary Mark Inch said in a written statement. “We’ve committed to examining all the details regarding this situation and ensuring appropriate action is taken.”

Unlike most incidents of alleged abuse in Florida’s prisons, the investigation is being outsourced to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, with the Department of Corrections Office of Inspector General offering assistance.

The officers who were allegedly involved are still working at Lowell Correctional, but have been reassigned to posts that do not have contact with inmates.

The abuse at Lowell Correctional comes a year after members of the Department of Justice’s civil rights division began an investigation into alleged abuse at the facility, located just north of Ocala.

The incident follows several other reported accounts of abuse against inmates in Inch’s first year on the job. He recently told the Florida Phoenix that “our violence rates are simply unacceptable,” referring not only to abuse by corrections officers against inmates, but also inmate-on-inmate attacks and violence by inmates against corrections officers.


  1. I understand this woman is paralyzed now, These women are human beings. No one should be treated this way! I have visited there many times and the visitors are also treated like inmates, I felt very violated. I am a white 70 yr old and had to undress before entering, and when I went to the very dirty rest room I had to go behind a curtain before entering the rest room, ,I was searched ,and again when I came out. We have been going to see a family member 2 or 3 times a year. We have done this for 10yrs now we live in Indiana. . These women are serving there time the best they can, nothing is free . Family pays for everything starting with toothbrush to clothing everything in between. All has to be ordered from them and you may pay $100. to $200. for a box of underwear, essential shoes. This is once or twice a yr, when they say you can Family sends money when they can so the inmate can buy things they need, it not just the inmate doing the time so is the family Inmates doing there best to stay out of trouble have to stay on guard all the time for bad guard and bad inmates. This place needs turned upside down!

  2. The neglect and miss-use of power in this prison is like back to the days of chain gangs. Inmates work for pennies a day while the prison and all its stock holders reap the bounty for each inmate that the prison leases to work. Its obviously big money when you refuse any type of humanity to your product. After all the more inmates they can sqeeze in there and keep them as long as possible the greater their bank accounts multiply. Never mind that thwy are dealing with lives of which many of these woman have been servearly abused the majority of their lives, now they are neglected and abused by wealthy Americans looking to gain financially by the prison system and the lack of medical care and treatment. Prisoners are to pay for any type of medical care and any medication that is if they can find a gaurd to give the prescribed meds because the 11gaurds withhold these meds from the inmate. When a prisoner goes to the infirmary to seek care they are brushed off continually. Forced to pay for repeated trips to get help with an ailment or injury and never receiving the correct diagnosis. Each time they often arent seen by the same doctor and each doctor provides a differnt diagnosis. At on visit a prisoner is told they have gout the next doctor diagnosed a hammer toe and the next arthritis leaving the inmates paying for care that you would see in underdeveloped countries. The food that these inmates are give to eat can be compaired to the scraps that most restaurants throw out. Inmates are also forced to pay for their necessities that even a cheep motel throws in for free. A bottle of shampoo that we pay $1.50 inmates pay $3.00. So not only are these prisons stealing Americans tax dollars for providing next to nothing and nothing that is promised. They refuse to provide programs for individuals who want to better themselves they provide unsafe atmosphere and leave it up to each individual to keep themselves safe. Because the guard’s rule themselves and misuses their power for selfish purposes.

  3. Lowell killed my daughter in 2018. Good luck with any investigation. I was told the us Ag was investigating my daughters death. 18 months later, I have not heard a word from anyone.


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