Democratic lawmakers want to require background checks for all gun sales in Florida

guns from bust
Authorities display replicas of all the weapons seized in bust of white supremacist gang in Pasco County. WFTS News screen shot

For the third time, state Rep. Margaret Good is trying to close the gun-sale loophole that allows firearms to be purchased privately without any background checks.

The Sarasota Democrat has filed House Bill 451 for the 2020 Legislature, which starts in January. Her bill would require all Florida firearms purchases to go through a background check. Currently, only guns sold by a licensed firearms dealer require background checks.

Good filed similar measures in the 2018 and 2019 sessions, but they did not advance.

“Requiring background checks for firearm purchases is gun safety policy that Floridians overwhelmingly support that has been proven effective to reduce gun violence. This legislation will make Florida safer by helping to prevent firearms getting into the wrong hands,” Good said in a written statement.

​“Bottom line: Passing this legislation will reduce gun violence in Florida and will make our communities safer. I urge my colleagues to join me in prioritizing this bill,” she said.

State Sen. Lauren Book, a Broward County Democrat, has filed a similar measure (SB 94) in the Florida Senate.