Crying “fraud” during elections

Leon County
Photo by CD Davidson-Hiers/Florida Phoenix

Recount logoSound familiar?

“Republicans have embarked on a scorched-earth strategy that has involved accusing elections officials of breaking the law by counting ballots, suing to stop said counting, baselessly claiming that Democrats are “stealing” the election and demonizing the elections overseer in the largest county. That the whole conspiracy is fabricated is not shocking, I suppose. That it’s being directed from the top of the GOP shouldn’t be, in the age of Trump (who, naturally, weighed in with a fact-less assertion on Twitter).”

But here’s the trick – the column we just quoted from is from Arizona, not Florida. Seems maybe there might be national Republican talking points at work? The playbook looks the same.

Arizona Mirror editor Jim Small continues describing an election we could swear happened in the Sunshine state, not the Grand Canyon state:

“The whole ordeal is a disgusting attempt by a political party to undermine the elections in the raw pursuit of seeking and maintaining power. It is bad for Arizona and bad for America, not just that those in positions of leadership are opting to tell lies about the election system…but that so many voters are willing to ignore what they know to be real and true in order to willingly believe the lies.

America is renowned the world over for the integrity of its election system. The peaceful transfer of power is among the chief reasons our country has truly been great – and something that has separated us from many other countries’ attempts to democratic and republican (with the small “d” and “r,” respectively) forms of government.

The people who are leading the charge, and those who repeat the calls to action, know this to be true. They know that voter fraud is exceptionally rare, and that study after study after study has shown it to be so.”

Julie Hauserman
Julie Hauserman has been writing about Florida for more than 30 years. She is a former Capitol bureau reporter for the St. Petersburg (Tampa Bay) Times, and reported for The Stuart News and the Tallahassee Democrat. She was a national commentator for National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition Sunday and The Splendid Table . She has won many awards, including two nominations for the Pulitzer Prize. Her work is featured in several Florida anthologies, including The Wild Heart of Florida , The Book of the Everglades , and Between Two Rivers . Her new book is Drawn to The Deep, a University Press of Florida biography of Florida cave diver and National Geographic explorer Wes Skiles.


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