Another former FL governor advises DeSantis to veto multi-billion-dollar toll road scheme

    Charlie Crist

    Another former Florida governor is advising Gov. Ron DeSantis to veto the Legislature’s proposed multi-billion statewide toll road plan, amid protests around the state against what one longtime Florida environmentalist called “the worst environmental bill in twenty years.”

    Former Gov. – now U.S. Rep. – Charlie Crist, joins former Gov. (and former U.S. Sen.)  Bob Graham in calling for DeSantis to veto the toll road bill (SB 7068).

    “I vetoed a similar bill during my time as Governor because there are smarter ways to grow and develop our transportation infrastructure – investing in public transportation, updating our current road and bridge system, and prioritizing sustainable growth,” Crist said in a statement. “A prudent approach would be to invest this funding in the infrastructure of the future, rather than doubling down on the mistakes of the past. I hope Governor DeSantis vetoes this bill.”

    At least 90 groups have gone on record asking DeSantis to veto the measure, which would dedicate billions to toll roads that haven’t been called for or vetted in any state transportation plan. Legislators voted on it without having any exact routes to look at – just general corridors. And the Republican-led Legislature rejected calls to increase oversight and approvals by local governments. The toll road plan was a top priority for state Sen. President Bill Galvano.

    As the Phoenix reported, one of the routes would benefit already approved development plans on land owned Florida’s richest man. The billionaire, Thomas Peterffy, is a major DeSantis campaign donor who has a mansion on Billionaire’s Row in Palm Beach and is reportedly a member of President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club.

    Crist said the toll road plan is not only unwise from a planning standpoint, but from an environmental and cultural one:

    “It is paramount that we keep Florida’s agricultural and natural heritage alive, protect the livelihoods of rural Floridians, and preserve the habitats of native wildlife,” Crist said.

    Last week, former Gov. Graham and members of the group he chairs, the Florida Conservation Coalition, sent a letter to urging a toll road bill veto. The letter referred to Teddy Roosevelt, since DeSantis has described himself as a “Teddy Roosevelt Republican.” The letter quotes Roosevelt: “The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased, and not impaired, in value.”

    “We hope you will take these words of President Theodore Roosevelt to heart and veto SB 7068,” Graham’s letter said. The toll road plan “will diminish the impact of the billions of dollars the state has committed to address water pollution and Everglades restoration and threaten your administration’s environmental legacy,” Graham’s letter said.

    Here’s a list of previous Phoenix stories about the toll road plan:

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