Drag queens energize the LGBTQ community in FL to ‘vote blue’

"Brita Filter" urges potential voters to "get your piece of the cake" in get-out-the-vote videos sponsored by the Florida Democratic Party. Source: Screenshot

A trio of drag queens are campaigning for Florida Democrats using short videos released on social media.

The Florida Democratic Party launched its “Drag Yourself to the Polls” campaign this week, featuring videos by drag performers encouraging people in Florida to vote for Democrats in state legislative, congressional, and presidential elections.

The three videos were released on the Florida Democratic Party’s YouTube page, featuring Brita Filter, LaGanja Estranja, and Willam Belli.

“Everyone loves a queen, and Florida Democrats are no different! The LGBTQ+ community is loud and proud in our support of Joe Biden and Democrats because our rights are on the ballot,” Democratic executive director Juan Peñalosa in a written statement.

“Drag queens are exciting and energizing to the LGBTQ+ community and younger voters, two groups that are key parts of the Democratic coalition,” said Stephen Gaskill, the party’s LGBTQ+ caucus president.

“The Drag Yourself to the Polls initiative is just one more way that the LGBTQ+ Caucus and the Florida Democratic Party are working to meet voters where they are and encouraging people to vote in one of the most important elections of our lifetimes,” Gaskill said.

Additionally, the videos will run for the next two weeks on the party’s TikTok and Snapchat feeds, targeted towards young voters.

“Come on Florida Democrats, let’s get voting,” Estranja said in the video. “Do you understand how important it is to vote blue in this upcoming general election?”

“We have people in power who are trying to take away our rights and freedoms,” Brita said in her video.

“You know voting is a delicious privilege,” Brita said, while putting icing on a cake. “Why not get your piece of the cake if you can choose what’s in it?”

“You have the power to get 45 [Trump] out of office, Belli says.

Nationwide polls of LGBTQ voters suggest that former Vice President Joe Biden has more support among them than President Trump, the Florida Phoenix previously reported.