Trump/DeSantis: A dynamic duo messing with our right to vote

President Donald Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis. Governor's office photo

If you are looking for consistency in governing, you better look some place outside of the Sunshine State —  unless you are just looking for stupidity.

We have a governor consistently following the lead of a President who has to be one of the most inconsistent vacillating idiots in the country.

Gov. Ron DeSantis at a news conference in Fort Lauderdale in April, surrounded by people wearing masks. Credit: Florida Channel screenshot.

The duo of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and President Donald Trump, who has a residence in Florida, repeatedly rejected the best medical advice from public health officials. The duo doesn’t like masks and they’ve avoided making a universal call to mask up and avoid crowds.

Meanwhile, the duo wants to send all of our children and grandchildren back to schools where they can share the virus. How many will get COVID-19 and bring it home to grandma?

As a result Florida’s COVID-19 rate continues to escalate, making the state a pretty scary place.

Now, the dynamic duo is messing with our right to vote.

DeSantis, with help from some really dumb legislators, is doing everything he can to unravel the wish of voters who overwhelmingly decided to allow felons who have done their time to register to vote. A federal court order denouncing the move as a sort of poll tax, is being appealed by the governor.

Meanwhile, Trump is doing all he can to dismantle the United States Postal Service.

United States Postal Service trucks in line at a Florida USPS facility. Credit: Peter T. Reinwald.

The post office may deliver through rain, sleet and snow, but budget and staff cuts at post offices everywhere may make mail-in ballots go astray during this year’s Presidential election.

Our president seems to realize he is in serious trouble if a lot of us get to vote — and this is the year a lot of us will mail in our ballots to avoid the long lines amid COVID-19.

Trump has put one of his key campaign donors in charge of the post office and has ordered him to take out some of the processing machines that speed up mail delivery and collect up the blue boxes where many of us drop off mail.

Congress needs to convene and deal with this.

On the really stupid front, the state appears ready to give Deloitte Consulting a $135-million contract to handle Medicaid in Florida. I can’t wait to hear the howls from really sick people who can’t get medical treatment.

This comes despite the fact that the company was fined $8-million in penalties for messing up the state’s unemployment system and leaving thousands without compensation in the midst of a pandemic that is killing Floridians in every corner of the state.

The governor did nothing to stop this, but has complained that it is happening. He is currently blocked from taking action because the Deloitte bid is being challenged, but somewhere, there must be people who report to the governor who made this decision.

Another stupid move.

Just call us the “Stupid State,’’ instead of the Sunshine State. Or maybe the “Stupid Sunshine State.’’

Every day our officials do something to merit the label.